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Macron Defies Public Opinion With Pension Reform Vote

French President Emmanuel Macron has been pushing for changes to the country’s pension system since he was elected in 2017, as a way to shore up the financial position of a graying society and keep France competitive.[0] The reform would progressively raise the retirement age, with the new minimum of 64 years expected to be reached by 2030.[1] It would also require 43 years of work as of 2027 to qualify for a full pension.[2] Opinion polls suggest up to 70% of French people oppose the changes, however, and the opposition has grown in recent weeks.[3]

The French Senate voted in favor of the controversial pension reform on Saturday, paving the way for a potential final adoption of the law on Thursday.[4] Macron resorted to a special provision of France’s constitution to bypass parliament and increase the country’s retirement age, an act of defiance that has further angered protesters.[5] The French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne tweeted that the move was a “decisive step to bring about a reform that will ensure the future of our pensions,” however, this sentiment is not shared by the public.[4]

France has seen its seventh-straight day of massive protests and labor strikes in opposition to the pension change, with about 6,600 tonnes of rubbish estimated to have built up in Paris.[4] The powerful CGT union said in a statement that workers in refuse, water, sewage and sanitation sectors of the City of Paris are stepping up their action, and the energy sector has also been hit hard.[6]

If the bill passes in parliament, it could have major repercussions for Macron’s second term.[7] The president is hoping to avoid a vote and has declared “We don’t want the 49.3,” but labor unions are calling for one final day of strikes and protests in the run-up to the vote. It remains to be seen if the pressure will be enough to topple the government and force Macron to change his mind.

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